Korey Pritchett

Members of the Clemson Student Veteran Association (including myself) were able to enjoy a fun filled weekend of fellowship, community, and quail hunting. I am immensely grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity to break the routine of my normal day to day life to participate in this event. It provided me with a much-needed break from the stresses of working two jobs and being a full-time student. Often it is all too easy for me to get caught up in my day to day responsibilities/obligations and forget what is truly most important in life; family, friends, and firearms! Getting outdoors and spending time with a community of like-minded individuals really allowed me to take a moment and reflect on those things that I value and deem most important to me (bon fire talks really are good for the soul). I would like to personally extend a special thanks to B4 Outdoors, Titian Farms, and everybody that made this excursion possible!   

K. Pritchett

Corporal, United States Marine Corps

Korey PritchettClemson Student Veterans Association Quail Hunt
Patrick Harrison

First off thank you very much for putting this on. I had a great time and truly appreciate the opportunity. 

I was a part of an amazing group hunt put together by B4 Outdoors and Titan Farms. It was a two-day, one-night trip. Everything was very well organized and professional. We warmed up shooting clay at an awesome gun range, and then went out for the hunt. After the hunt we cleaned our game and the staff cooked it up for dinner. The house we stayed at was very nice and clean. There was plenty of stuff to do after the hunt like darts, pool, or hangout by the fire. Overall my experience was a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to all hunters, novice or experienced. Wish I could do it every year!

Patrick Harrison, AWR2 (Rescue Swimmer)

Petty Officer Second Class / E5, US Navy

Patrick HarrisonClemson Student Veterans Association Quail Hunt
Brennan Beck

Two things that many veterans miss most about the military is comradery and purpose. I found both things at the 2018 SVA Quail Hunt by B4Outdoors. This event provided a safe and encouraging environment for military veterans to bond over a common task: hunting. From the first-time hunter to the experienced, we all felt supported and welcomed. The appreciation for our service was palpable, and there was nothing but brotherly love between staff and participants. Bonds were built over bird hunting, bonfires, and BBQ. Great memories were made, the kind that we will reminisce about with an air of nostalgia for years. I felt connected at this event, both to the other participants and to the woods and lands. Our purpose was clear and simple: to hunt birds and have fun. Given the task and the support of B4Outdoors, it was impossible for us to fail. Everything from the housing accommodations to the hunting and tours and food was designed purposefully to ensure we had the best experience possible. And that we did. The love and appreciation was genuine and heart-felt. Even though it was my first time quail hunting at Titan Farms, it felt like home. I encourage all veterans given the opportunity to participate in this event to do so. I cannot recommend it enough.

Brennan Beck

Sergeant, US Army

Brennan BeckClemson Student Veterans Association
Brandon Johnson

Kevin Rhodes is a fantastic host. From the time I showed up to camp (later than I planned), until the time I left for home (also later than I planned) he accommodated every need and made my experience even better than I had hoped. I was able to work something out where I could show up a day early and leave a day later so that my hunting days weren’t limited due to travel times. The hospitality is through the roof with B4 Outdoors. You feel like you’re hunting your own home piece of land. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, and this is only the first year of operation! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for upcoming years! *Hopefully we can get the weatherman on the same page next time!

Brandon JohnsonBuckventures Pro-Staff
Joshua Frost

Awesome host, great food, and even better fellowship. Tough hunting while we were there but we knew it on the way there so nothing took a dirt nap but man we had a blast.

Joshua FrostBuckventures Pro-Staff