“I recently returned home from a hunting opportunity with B4 Outdoors out of Elmer, MO. I had a great time meeting fellow veterans, first responders, and LEO. The whole group was great not to mention the great food provided by Kevin (B4 Outdoors Founder). The time spent out in the field as well as just hanging out at the lodge was very nice and I truly appreciate the opportunity that B4 Outdoors provided. Lance (B4 Outdoors Board member) and TJ (camp helper) were excellent in all aspects of being at the lodge. Truly great experience and I feel truly blessed to have been invited on this hunt and the opportunity to harvest two does with fellow Brothers and sisters. Once again, thank you to Kevin and the B4 Outdoors personnel as well as the landowners that play a big part in allowing these types of programs to thrive.”

Rashaud Joseph, 2023 V1R Hunt Recipient

“Kevin Padgett, what an epic week! Talk about non-stop! Daylight until dark. I had the time of my life. B4 Outdoors sure made me proud to be an American! Thanks to all who participated and helped in this event of a Lifetime. Kevin I will never forget the mentoring and time you take to teach. I learned so much. Anytime you need someone to ride along let me know.”

Andrew Rogers, 2023 Veteran North Carolina Bear Hunt

The hospitality and food was excellent. The hunting was so good I tagged out the first morning!
Kevin does his best to put you where the deer are every day.
The facility is as warm and inviting as the nightly fire.

Wesley Buehler, Veteran
2023 Veteran/First Responder Hunt Recipient

I had an amazing time this week with B4 Outdoors ! I cannot say enough about how great everything and everyone was. The fellowship and hospitality was second to none. Kevin Rhodes really went above and beyond to ensure a great experience by all. He really took great care of us. Lots of food, fun, fellowship, and of course lots of hunting. I was blessed to harvest a doe on the last evening. I can’t wait to come back again!

Joshua DuBois, 2021 First Responder Hunter

Several months ago, I ran across a post on Facebook about a free hunt in Missouri for veterans. After checking out the page, i learned that this outfitter, B4 Outdoors, also had a charity that gave away free hunts for Veterans and first responders. I entered my name but didn’t win.

A few weeks later I saw where they were giving away 2 rifles hunts for Missouri Youth Weekend for 2 kids that were either the child of a first responder or veteran. I entered Channing and a few weeks later Kevin Rhodes, founder of B4 Outdoors, text me to let me know Channing had been selected and we made our plans to make the trip for the Halloween weekend hunt.

We made the 9.5hr trek on Friday and met with Kevin, Russell (camera guy) and the other hunters, Drew and his daughter Lexi.

Saturday morning was awesome with great weather and decent deer movement. We caught a glimpse of a nice buck moving through the thick brush and even heard him grunting a few times.

That evening we snuck into the same stand and waited for the deer to start moving. Nothing but a Possum until a little after 6pm. Then I noticed a huge bodied deer at the other end of the field. When the deer picked his head up, i saw the rack and started prepping Channing for the shot. The deer was working the field edge toward us but was stopping every few feet to make a scrape.

At around 150yds, he turned away from us and it was a now or never situation. Channing steadied the rifle and when he touched off that 7mm Rem Mag, I watched the buck fall in his tracks

Happiness and excitement overtook both of us! A big Missouri whitetail had fallen and we were over the moon.

I can’t thank my wife and Brooks enough for making sure that Channing and I got to experience this whole trip and make these memories! We love y’all!

This hunt was amazing and the experience as a whole was unforgettable. The lodging is top notch, in the middle of the Missouri hardwoods, Kevin is a great host, Russell is a super funny guy and pretty reputable bow hunter in his own right. The camaraderie and hunting camp experience was refreshing and relaxing. We are truly blessed and look forward to going back to B4 in the future as clients.

Greg Rutherford, Veteran/Law Enforcement
Missouri Youth Rifle Hunt Recipient, October 2022

First class operation! Kevin works his butt off for his clients. He is very accommodating and the lodge is immaculate! Not to mentioned has some of the best properties in N Missouri!

Troy Anderson, Father of 2021 Youth Hunter

“This was an awesome experience. I was chosen as a guest for this hunt. B4 Outdoors asked months ago for applications for a hunt at their farm in Elmer Missouri. The applicants had to be current military, veteran, or first responder. I entered, and surprisingly; I was chosen. I met some great guys and was able to see a lot of deer. The food, fellowship, and hunting was top notch. If you are looking for a guided hunt for deer, elk, waterfowl, or turkeys; these are the guys to contact.”

Michael Garmany, 2021 V1R Guest

“I was selected for the Veteran North Carolina bear hunt. And I will tell you I had one of the best times I ever had. Kevin was outstanding and the hospitality was top notch. I would totally recommend anyone to hunt with B4 Outdoors. They make you feel like family and you leave as family.”

Doug Shreve, Veteran,
2021 North Carolina Bear Hunt Recipient

Spent 5 days in camp with Kevin Rhodes and it felt like home the whole time. He is a great guide and an even better guy! No pressure to wait for the 200 inch white tail. Instead it was relaxed but still professional. His patience with myself and my wife was unparalleled (She is new to archery and hunting out of stands). Granted we came expecting sunshine and warm days and got anything but… Still managed to fill a tag on a buck. Not the monster of my dreams but it played out just like Kevin said it would, and that to me shows that not only does he know what he is doing, but that he cares for his hunters. I’ll explain a little. We had been seeing a target buck the first couple days and he was staying out of range, so what did Kevin do? Mid day went and put up another stand right where we had been seeing the buck. This impromptu stand ended up being the stand in which I filled my tag! I could go on and on for much longer but I won’t. What I will say is we WILL be back and I’ll be bringing friends to enjoy in the same hospitality and professionalism we received. B4 Outdoors is and A+ organization and the goal of making hunts possible for disabled Vets, Kids and so on is one that is near and dear to my heart. Couldn’t support this Outfit anymore! Thanks Kevin Rhodes you are one in a million!!!

Nick Melchior,

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity you gave me! It was an amazing experience and one I will cherish forever. It was the first time since I came home that I did anything like that. Lots of anxiety prior to getting there and debating if I should go. I could not pass up the opportunity and I’m truly grateful. Thanks!”

Ray Hoffman, Veteran
2021 V1R Mission Adventure Recipient

“The hospitality, the property, and the overall experience was top tier. The great food kept us fueled for every hunt while the properties we hunted had an amazing amounts of deer herds to watch and occasionally harvest depending on the season. Easily one of the best, if not the best hunting experience I’ve ever had in all my years of hunting. Thank you Danny and Kevin so much for the amazing time.”

Robert Guigar, Active-Duty Army,
2022 V1R Mission Adventure Recipient

Just want to send a heartfelt thank you for all that you and your foundation does. Being selected and able to hunt at the Dahl’s property has allowed me to hit the reset button and get a little back to center. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing as IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE and is felt by so much more than myself. Thank you again!”

Jarrett Razon, Veteran,
2022 David Dahl Mission Adventure Recipient

Didn’t get many pictures this weekend but I had an absolutely great time hunting with Kevin Rhodes and enjoying the great outdoors.
Plenty of Turkey’s & Deer and the experience was one that I won’t forget!
I was ready to high tail out of the woods this morning when he spotted a skunk behind us! Lol
Thank you Kevin & B4 Outdoors for the opportunity & many laughs this weekend!

Jamie Mac, Army Reserve Veteran,
2022 Turkey Hunt Recipient, April 2022

Today I got to go on this incredible spoonbill fishing trip with B4 Outdoors and T.j. Gruer. Definitely the best boat Captain and some of the best company I could have asked for. It was cold and windy but I couldn’t stop smiling being out on that boat. I definitely want to do this again!

Leslie West, Veteran,
2023 Spoonbill Adventure Recipient, April 2023

What a weekend I had with B4 Outdoors. The first day there as we all pulled into the driveway Kevin was there waiting for us with open arms. You treated like family. When I thought I was going to come home empty handed, Kevin made sure I was put somewhere, so that wouldn’t happen. Needless to say, I dropped two deer in less than two hours. It sucks Facebook only lets you give a 5 star review, because B4 Outdoors deserves a 10. The food was amazing. I highly recommend everyone to check out B4 Outdoors, they won’t disappoint. I look forward to hunting with them again.

Andrew Chris, First Responder,
V1R Mission Adventure Recipient 2022

“If you’re looking for a great hunt, AWESOME guides and a place that immediately feels like home when you arrive… look no where else!! You’ll find it ALL at B4 Outdoors. One of the best hunting experiences I’ve ever had and you’re guaranteed to want to go back and bring your friends! You’ll see more deer in a day than some get to see in an entire season! Stands, shooting houses and blinds are set up well with clear shooting lanes for you to take the shot if the deer present themselves…. or wait 30 minutes after you’ve left the I will definitely be going back!”

Stacy Harris, Law Enforcement, 2020 V1R Guest

Absolutely an amazing outfitter! Will definitely be going back. Everything was more than expected and I wanted for nothing. It was a very relaxing weekend and left feeling like family. I would highly recommend to anyone! ROLL TIDE!!!

DJ Williams, First Responder,
V1R Mission Adventure Recipient 2020

This was definitely a hunt I’ll never forget, the time with my daughter, who is definitely a daddy’s girl, was the best part. Both farms we hunted were top notch. I would definitely recommend hunting with B4 Outdoors.

Drew Gregory, Law Enforcement Retired,
Father of youth hunter 2022 youth hunt

Had an awesome opportunity to go on an awesome waterfowl hunt with Kevin in Kansas and had a blast. Couldn’t ask for better hospitality and family friendly environment. would definitely recommend looking them up for your next hunt.

Michael Albertson, Veteran,
Waterfowl Hunt Recipient 2020

“First off thank you very much for putting this on. I had a great time and truly appreciate the opportunity. I was a part of an amazing group hunt put together by B4 Outdoors and Titan Farms. It was a two-day, one-night trip. Everything was very well organized and professional. We warmed up shooting clay at an awesome gun range, and then went out for the hunt. After the hunt we cleaned our game and the staff cooked it up for dinner. The house we stayed at was very nice and clean. There was plenty of stuff to do after the hunt like darts, pool, or hangout by the fire. Overall my experience “I was chosen for the veteran/ first responder antler-less hunt at their property in Missouri. From the minute we all arrived the accommodations were on point!!! Kevin and Danny are outstanding individuals and what B4 Outdoors does/stands for is amazing!!!! All the food and hospitality were perfect. It was also amazing to see the support they receive from all the people in and around town that help B4 Outdoors’ mission. Kevin and Danny worked very hard to make the hunts amazing. From the transportation to and from the stands/blinds to all the delicious meals and snacks. It was an awesome weekend for a break from all of our daily grinds. It was great to have the comradery off us veterans/ first responders hanging out around the fire cleaning all the deer.

To B4 Outdoors,
Keep up the great work!!! You guys are doing great things!!! Hopefully sooner than later I will be back!!!!
Thank You for everything you guys are doing!!!!!”

Dan Thompson

What an amazing time with B4 Outdoors. The hospitality, the venue, the host Kevin and the beautiful countryside. I’ve never been on a turkey hunting trip, let alone a guided one. Such a cool experience. It was a beautiful mini vacation, get away to clear my head and breath some fresh air. B4 Outdoors had a nonprofit that they sponsor Veterans, youth, and first responders on guided hunts. Please consider donating to them in their cause to support those that support us.

Tommy Loveless, Veteran
Missouri Turkey Hunt Recipient, April 2023