Hunting Application

Please tell us about yourself! Please include information about your service and why you feel we should consider you for the hunt.

How Do You Qualify? *

Have You Hunted With B4 Outdoors Before? *

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We encourage all sincere applicants to enter. If you anticipate making other plans for the same date as the adventure, please do not submit an application. Declining the offer or cancelling does not allow us the opportunity to offer the adventure to another deserving person.


1. How do I apply for one of your adventures?
Please fill out the hunt application form with all the required information and be sure to tell us your story of service. We will contact you if you get selected.

2. Where are the adventures?
The hunting and fishing adventures could be anywhere in the United States. The specific location of each adventure is listed in the description and we will give you more information concerning the location if you are selected.

3. What do I need to bring for the adventure?
That information will be included in the adventure posting. Sometimes you don’t need to bring anything, other times you need to bring all the gear for that particular adventure. We will let you know exactly what to bring if you are selected.

4. What is included in the adventure?
Again, that information will be posted in the adventure description. We often include meals, lodging, and licensing along with the cost of the adventure itself, however other times you are responsible for some of those items to include travel to the adventure, taxidermy, meat processing, etc. We will let you know exactly what is included if you are selected.

5. Who can apply for the adventure?
The adventure posting will specify who is eligible for the giveaway, for example it might be a bow hunting trip for just veterans or a fishing weekend for just ladies. All that info will be in the post however if you fall into the categories specified then you are welcome to apply as is anyone else who also qualifies.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us via the contact us page.